Lego is releasing a Jaws set in August that recreates the final showdown on Quint’s boat

In case you missed it, we’re officially getting a Jaws Lego set this summer. The company unveiled the upcoming 1497-piece set this week alongside a 90-second mini-movie that reimagines the film in Lego brick form. The Jaws set includes the boat (the Orca), the shark, and minifigures of the protagonists Martin Brody, Matt Hooper and Sam Quint, plus a number of key items from their hunt, like a harpoon and a few bright yellow barrels. 
It’ll be available to the general public on August 6 for $150, but anyone enrolled in the Lego Insiders loyalty program will be able to purchase it earlier, starting August 3. You’ll have the option to build the set on top of a base that’s intended to serve as the ocean for the scene, so you can mount the shark in just the right position to make it look as though it’s attacking the boat. Or, you can display the shark and the boat as separate pieces, with a stand for the former. One of the tiles in the water set will be printed with the line: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” 
The intense showdown between a haphazard group of shark hunters and a great white that devours humans has never looked so family friendly. Check out Lego’s “Jaws in a Jiffy” to really get into the spirit of things. 

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