manage the news

news could be fake are not objective, usually don’t help your point of view. we want help the executive in his path to success, focusing the audience on his virtues and successes.

measure your echo

it’s way easier believe in bad comments rather than good behaviour. we want to spin Execs news and promote their goodwill and skills, rather than giving space to flamers and trolls.

keep your focus

too many times an executive cant’s focus on his core business, for trying to defend itself from his attacker. let us help you in finding your equilibrium and score your goal.

Today we now, by all accounts, have to deal with fake influencers and fake news, being a Spin Doctor for the Sp1ndex Team means promoting Customer successes and demoting everything is not useful at his carreer.

Sp1ndex Mission is to take care of the digital PR and social footprint of Executives and VIPs, in order to let them focus on their core business and not over gossip and trolls.

Sp1ndex uses its proprietary AI technology for automate its social footprinting protocol, creating a digital breadcrumb pattern to improve social visibility of its Customers.