Picsart teams up with Getty to take on Adobe’s ‘commercially-safe’ AI

Picsart’s AI image generator will be available some time later this year. | Image: Picsart

Image and video-editing platform Picsart has teamed up with Getty Images to launch a “responsible, commercially-safe” AI image generator that’s trained exclusively on the stock image platform’s licensed content.
Picsart says its AI lab is building a custom model from scratch that will power the tool, allowing the platform’s paid subscribers to generate images with full commercial rights — which aims to address long-standing concerns regarding AI-generated potentially content violating copyright laws. The Picsart / Getty Images generator tool is expected to launch “later this year,” and will be accessible through Picsart’s API services.
This collaborative project shares similarities with Adobe’s Firefly AI model, which initially launched as a prompt-based image generation tool in Photoshop last year before being integrated more widely across Creative Cloud apps. That “commercially safe” generator is also trained on stock images (specifically Adobe’s own Stock library), alongside content that’s openly licensed or out of copyright — but that training data isn’t squeaky clean, and its users don’t all trust how the company is training its model.

Image: Picsart
Picsart’s blog contained these examples supposedly generated using its upcoming AI model.

Getty has also worked on other commercially-focused AI products before, having announced similar partnerships with Bria AI and Runway, and collaborating with Nvidia to launch its own “Generative AI by Getty Images” tool trained on its vast library of licensed images. Given Adobe has rolled out its Firefly model into extremely popular apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Express, however, it may be difficult to convince creatives to jump ship to Picsart’s upcoming offering.

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