Discord file links will expire after a day to fight malware

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Anyone using Discord to host files will want to change that, as links to those files will begin to refresh every 24 hours by the end of this year. The company told Bleeping Computer that doing so will help the company fight malware spreading on its platform since that gives it more ability to “restrict access to flagged content.”
According to the article, Discord says the change won’t affect anyone sharing content on the platform, as links within the client will be refreshed automatically. However, links shared outside of Discord won’t work a day after they’re regenerated. The company said that it will share more “in coming weeks” with developers, who “may see minimal impact.”

As Bleeping Computer notes, cybersecurity company Trellix reported it had “found around 10,000” malware samples distributed online that were stored on Discord’s content delivery network (CDN). Attackers, Trellix wrote, use the platform’s webhooks to pull data from victims’ computers and drop it into Discord channels run by the attackers.

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