Microsoft takes on Wix, Squarespace with new website builder filled with goodies

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Microsoft has launched a new low-code website builder and hosting platform targeted at business users, called Power Pages.

Previously, Power Pages existed as a feature within the Power Apps platform, which enables users to create mobile apps that run on Android, iOS, and Windows.

However, Microsoft has now relaunched Power Pages as a standalone offering to help make it easier for developers to design, manage and publish sites for desktop and mobile.

Power Pages website builder

Now in preview, the new-look Power Pages builder offers a range of new features and utilities.

Some of the features and capabilities of the newly-designed platform include a design studio where web developers can preview, design and publish business websites and templates for site designers to use. 

The solution also comes with developer tools integrated with Visual Studio, GitHub and Azure DevOps to aid website designers and developers in implementing business requirements on their sites.

Microsoft is also offering a templates hub that provides full-featured websites with demo 

data that allow users to manage scheduling, registration and app submission. 

As far as security is concerned, Microsoft has added governance tools to Power Pages to let users secure their website content and data through access controls and Azure.

TechRadar Pro has reached out to Microsoft to find out how much the solution will cost users and whether Power Pages will offer a website builder solution for beginners and individuals with no coding knowledge to use.

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