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The agency has named seven bookies located in Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Hyderabad, along with “unknown public servants” and “unknown private persons” in two cases registered on Friday evening.

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Updated on May 15, 2022 02:33 AM IST

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ByNeeraj Chauhan, New Delhi
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has launched a probe against a nationwide network of bookies who allegedly influenced the outcome of Indian Premier League (IPL) matches in 2019 after receiving inputs from Pakistan, people familiar with the development said on Saturday.

The agency has named seven bookies located in Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Hyderabad, along with “unknown public servants” and “unknown private persons” in two cases registered on Friday evening. Raids were also carried out at their premises. It is alleged the accused ran a nationwide network to induce public to bet on cricket matches.

“Reliable information has been received about a network of individuals involved in cricket betting influencing the outcome of Indian Premier League matches based on inputs received from Pakistan,” the federal agency said in one of the first information reports. “In the garb of betting related to IPL matches, they are cheating the general public by inducing them to bet.”

“For this purpose, they have opened bank accounts (mule accounts) using fake identities and Know Your Customer documents in connivance with the unknown bank officials,” it said. “These bank accounts have been opened by submitting forged details such as multiple dates of birth and without due diligence done by the bank officials.”

A part of the money received from the public in India for betting was being shared by their associates based in foreign countries using hawala transactions, the agency further said. Hawala is an informal financial transaction system used primarily to launder unaccounted for funds.

The agency, however, didn’t specify how the accused were influencing the matches, or whether they were in touch with any players or team officials.

Investigators are looking into a larger conspiracy in the matter, according to an official who declined to be named.

Those named in the CBI cases include Dileep Kumar from Delhi, Gurram Satish and Gurram Vasu from Hyderabad, and Sajjan Singh, Prabhu Lal Meena, Ram Avtar and Amit Kumar Sharma from Rajasthan for taking part in the betting in 2019. They were involved in cricket betting since 2010, according to investigators.

The agency has tracked transactions worth around 10 crore, including cash deposits in the accounts of Kumar, Satish and Vasu, and 80 lakh in accounts of Rajasthan-based accused.

Dileep Kumar was operating a number of bank accounts in which domestic cash deposits worth over 43 lakh have been made since 2013, defying economic rationale, CBI said.

It also detected that in the six bank accounts operated by Gurram Satish, cash deposits worth 4.55 crore (domestic) and 3.05 lakh (foreign) have been made during 2012-20, and in the case of Gurram Vasu, the amount was 5.37 crore during the period.

There was no recognisable business rationale to explain the transactions in the accounts, the CBI has alleged.

“The persons involved are running the racket of cricket betting, committing fraud by inducing betting by the general public and thereby deceiving public of their hard-earned money and also indulging in impersonating their identities in operating various bank accounts,” the FIR said.


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