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The odds are in regarding the next destination of 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel.

Via PointsBet, the Jets are the 3-1 favorite to land Samuel. It makes sense, given that the Jets were ready to trade for former Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill.

Next on the list, at +400 (4-1) each, are the Packers, Saints, and Eagles. The Packers make no sense; they just traded Davante Adams after dragging their feet for months about paying him. Also, would the 49ers traded Samuel to the Packers? Probably not.

The Colts land at +500, with the Chiefs at +600, the Patriots at +800, the Falcons at +1000, the Browns at +1200, and the Bears at +1600.

The 49ers aren’t on the list, even though the proposition is the team for which Samuel takes his next snap. This presumes that there’s no way to mend fences between player and team. Maybe there isn’t. For now, though, the chances of Samuel staying with the 49ers would seem to be better than the chances of Samuel landing with the Packers.

I’m very intrigued by the Patriots at +800. Samuel has the kind of versatility that coach Bill Belichick surely covets. Also, that hard-nosed playing style surely appeals to any old-school coach.

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