Valve’s summer Steam Next Fest starts June 13th

The dust on Valve’s spring Steam Next Fest may have only recently settled, but the company is already turning its attention to the next iteration of the event. On Friday, Valve announced its latest Next Fest would take place between June 13th and June 20th, with the showcase scheduled to get underway at 1PM ET.

As with past versions of Next Fest, Valve is promising that there will be “hundreds” of game demos for people to check out, as well as developer livestreams featuring some of the teams working on the titles the company plans to highlight. Valve hasn’t shared a list of demos that will be available in June, but past versions of the event have featured some excellent games, including Sable, Toem and, one of my recent personal favorites, The Wandering Village. The timing of the event means it will likely overlap with this year’s E3. While the Entertainment Software Association has yet to set a date for the annual conference, it has historically taken place in early to mid-June.

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