What about the Sp1ndex Business?

Sp1ndex is the Spin Doctor Executive Program intended to make you the number one.

As an example, consider the positive press and social media coverage that US pharmacy giant CVS received after pulling tobacco products from its shelves. Already regulators were discussing forcing pharmacies to do just that, so CVS acted proactively and earned positive headlines for it. Likely the policy came about from one manager, somewhere down the line, who came up with an idea that become a PR win.

But an integrated communications strategy, common in the UK and North America, isn’t standard across the globe,  in northern Europe and Asia, many companies will have a more rigid structure, where the media relations department keeps tight control on the message, forbidding managers from communicating with the press and discouraging work-related social networking updates.

You need to tell the story you want to tell empowering the person who had the idea. Companies with good PR strategies are easy to spot, let’s think when last British Airways flight was cancelled and a customer  went on Twitter to complain. Within minutes, the company responded that they’d give him a discount on a future flight. “I went from really pissed off to thinking this brand has great customer service,” that customer said in a latest interview.

“You need to tell the story you want to tell, but you first must have a fully realised idea of who you are and what you are and how you’re going to tell that story.

Sp1nex will provide this kind of support, promoting your goodwill and positive images on all social networs and making SEO on your persona, h24 helping the executive in promoting his personal brand and archieving his objectives.

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