The Spaceport America Cup Joins Crowdsourcing Platform HeroX to Propel Student Innovation! Innovation

Beginning in 2017, the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) and Spaceport America came together to launch a competition known as the Spaceport America Cup. This annual event sees academics and industry experts from around the world gather at the world’s first purpose-built spaceport to collaborate, compete, and inspire young people to become the next generation of […]

IA Ora, il rapporto annuale: smettere di fare “l’emozione di rilevamento”; stop “socialmente sensibili” riconoscimento facciale … IA & Dintorni

Ogni anno, Ora l’IA Istituto (in precedenza) pubblica un profondo, riflessivo, importante panoramica di cui AI ricerca e l’etica lacune dell’IA utilizzare e fa una lista di una dozzina di raccomandazioni urgenti per l’industria, la comunità di ricerca, e le autorità di regolamentazione e i governi. Il rapporto di quest’anno è particolarmente importante, in quanto […]

The Best Sales on Xbox, PS4, and Switch for Christmas 2019 (Consoles and Games)

Shopping malls are bursting with families doing last minute shopping, and Starbucks is selling peppermint mochas by the gallon. That can mean only one thing: invasion! Or Christmas. Probably Christmas. It’s been a couple of weeks since the festivities of Black Friday and Cyborg Monday, but that doesn’t mean the season of deals is over. […]