Amazon Alexa devices can finally tell voices apart

One of the Amazon Echo’s biggest blindspots has just been addressed. Starting today, the company will finally start rolling out customized voice detection. That means users in multi-person homes will be able to get individualized experiences, based on voice recognition. So each user gets their personalized calendar, music selections and the like. The feature is … Read more

Razer will debut its first smartphone on November 1st

There isn’t much known about Razer’s device, but it won’t be surprising if it’s focused on display quality, sound and performance given the event’s “watch, listen, play” mantra. And while Nextbit certainly has experience in phone design thanks to the Robin, its big hook was smart storage that automatically offloaded little-used apps to the cloud … Read more

‘Crypto Anchors’ Might Stop the Next Equifax-Style Megabreach

Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and even encryption haven’t kept hackers out of hoards of data like the ones stolen in the catastrophic breaches of Equifax or Yahoo. But now, some Silicon Valley firms are trying a deeper approach, building security into the basic design of how data moves between a company’s servers. The method aims … Read more

Facebook’s 3D posts can share interactive objects with friends outside of VR

Most of the announcements during today’s Oculus Connect 4 event involved having a screen strapped to your face. But, with 3D posts, Facebook is trying to merge the worlds of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Essentially, the idea is that you’ll soon be able to craft cartoony virtual 3D items in Facebook Spaces, … Read more

Come cambia lʼesame di terza media: anche lʼinglese nelle prove Invalsi

Il voto finale deriverà dalla media fra il voto di ammissione e delle prove scritte e del colloquio. Potrà essere assegnata la lode. leggi dopo. commenta. Come cambia l'esame di terza media: anche l'inglese nelle prove Invalsi. A giugno debutta il … by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit from

Here’s the trailer for the new Star Wars VR experience coming to Disney parks

Star Wars VR is going to Disneyland. Well, sort of. It’s going to the area just outside Disneyland — Downtown Disney (in Anaheim) and Disney Springs (next to Disney World in Orlando). As we noted in August, LucasFilm has been working with VR startup The Void on a huge, room-wide virtual reality experience called “Secrets … Read more

The rise of drone crime and how cops can stop it

This isn’t the first time that smugglers have used commercially-available drones to carry contraband. In 2015, the Border Patrol caught a two people dropping off 28 pounds of heroin in Calexico, California, and, in the same year, caught another drug ring delivering 30 pounds of cannabis to San Luis, Arizona. Drones — easy to fly, … Read more

New story in Technology from Time: Facebook’s New Oculus Headset: Another Sign VR Is About to Get Much Better

Facebook has an ambitious goal of getting one billion people into virtual reality, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the company’s Oculus Connect conference on Wednesday. But virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive still aren’t widely embraced by the public — largely because they’re expensive, cumbersome to set up, and require … Read more