Viaggiare gratuitamente è possibile: alcuni modi per farlo

Poter viaggiare in lungo e in largo per il mondo è il sogno di tantissime persone, ma sono molti i problemi che si possono incontrare nel realizzarlo: serve tempo a disposizione, bisognerebbe abbattere le restrizioni in vigore in molti Paesi per via del Covid e – cosa principale – è necessario avere qualche soldo da … Read more

Google has a few tricks up its sleeve for the newsletter platform department Email client

As more journalists and writers are turning to newsletters to distribute their content online, Google is working on its own newsletter platform that will leverage its existing collaboration tools. As reported by TechCrunch, the search giant’s internal R&D division Area 120 has developed a new project called Museletter. This makes a great deal of sense … Read more

Cartona gets $4.5M pre-Series A to connect retailers with suppliers in Egypt

image Credit: Cartona Year-old startup Capiter announced last week that it raised a $33 million Series A to digitize Egypt’s traditional offline retail market. It’s looking to take a large pie in the budding e-commerce and retail play, where multiple startups are pulling their weight including Cartona, also a year-old startup out of Egypt. Today, Cartona … Read more

The Best iPhone 13 Deals—and Which Model to Pick

Daydreaming about the iPhone 13? You’ll be happy to know that the four new iPhones are officially here. If you’re struggling to find the best deal, you don’t know which model to choose, or you’re wondering if you even need to upgrade, we’ve got you covered. Below, we break down the differences between the iPhone … Read more