Top 10 best business laptops in 2017

The best business laptops combine cutting edge productivity features with slimline designs and long battery life that provides mobility and productivity – essential functions for the modern workplace. Having the best business laptop that suits your needs is essential, and thanks to modern advancements in hardware, especially on the mobile side of things, business laptops … Read more

Ultra-Powerful Radio Bursts May Be Getting a Cosmic Boost

Some of the brightest flashes in the universe may be coming into focus. So-called fast radio bursts are enigmatic, ultra-brief, ultra-powerful bursts of energy coming from distant galaxies. They last for only a fraction of a second, but in that time they emit the energy of perhaps 500 million suns. Their power and brevity have … Read more

Berlusconi, barzelletta sul paradiso e… “quella volta in Libia col bidet”

ISCHIA – Tra battute, barzellette ed aneddoti, ad Ischia Silvio Berlusconi è andato ben oltre il programma politico del centrodestra. Berlusconi ricorda Muammar Gheddafi, “per farvi ridere”, dice alla platea. Dunque, rivela: “Sono andato nei centri di … by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit from

User outcry prompts OnePlus to step down its excessive data collection

Earlier this week, it was revealed that independent phone maker OnePlus was collecting all manner of information from phones running its OxygenOS — without telling users, of course. Caught red-handed, the company is backing off from the opt-out data collection program, giving users a choice up front instead of buried in the options. The offending … Read more

Best rugged laptops 2017: we test drop-proof laptops for working outside

Looking for the best rugged laptops in 2017? Then you’ve come to the right place, as below we list the very best rugged laptops on the market today. Not only have we ranks the very best rugged laptops that can withstand drops, knocks and extreme temperatures, but we’ve also included our special price comparison tool … Read more

After Math: Everything sucks

It’s another week down and we’re all a bit closer to death. Huzzah. While the moron-in-chief continues to systematically dismantle everything good and decent about our country, the tech industry did its part to help hasten that process along. The heads of Twitter and Facebook respectively showed that they’re not just spineless incompetents but also … Read more

Un momento di festa per ringraziare chi ha lavorato per la visita di Papa Francesco

Anche se sono passati ormai quindici giorni, resta viva l'emozione per la storica visita di Papa Francesco a Cesena. E lunedì sera ci sarà un momento di festa e ringraziamento dedicato a quanti si sono adoperati in occasione della visita del Pontefice. by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit from