Apple is fixing a years-old parental control bug that lets kids avoid web filters

Illustration: The Verge

For parents, it can feel like a no-brainer to let their kids have an iPad thanks to its built-in parental control feature, Screen Time. But the system is also undeniably buggy, as most parents will attest. Now, Apple is fixing one of the software’s worst bugs — an apparently obscure one that would let kids see the worst parts of the internet despite settings to stop that, reports Joanna Stern for The Wall Street Journal.
The bug goes like this: kids can circumvent content restrictions by entering a specific string of characters into Safari’s browser bar. Security researchers Andreas Jägersberger and Ro Achterberg reported this bug twice in 2021 and, both times, were told that it wasn’t a security flaw, Stern writes. She also notes that…

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