Blink Outdoor 4 security cameras are up to half off right now

Anyone who wants to keep an eye on their perimeter or see nighttime trash panda action may want to check out this deal on Amazon. Currently, bundles of the Blink Outdoor 4 cameras are on sale, with the deepest discount going to a five-pack set. At full price, it costs $400. With the discount, it’s $200 instead. That matches the Prime member-only price we saw earlier this year, but this time, even those who don’t pay for Amazon’s program can get the offer. Other bundles and Blink devices are on sale too as part of a larger sale.  

The Blink Outdoor 4 security cameras allow users to see, hear and talk with anyone who comes into view and send motion-detection alerts and live feeds to a connected smartphone. They can also send footage to an Echo Show smart display and receive commands from other Alexa-enabled devices like an Echo Dot or Fire TV. Just note that Blink equipment isn’t Google Assistant- or Siri-compatible, so these really only make sense for the Amazon-based smart home.  
The Outdoor 4 is the latest generation of the cameras, offering a wider field of vision and better day and night image quality over the previous generation. During the day, they shoot 1080p video and use infrared night vision in the dark. Each unit runs on a pair of AA batteries which should power the camera for two years. A plug-in Sync Module that stays inside is required to operate the Outdoor 4 cameras and, conveniently, is included in each bundle — as are enough batteries for the cameras, mounting kits and the plug for the Sync Module. 
For those who just need to keep an eye on one area outside, there’s the one-camera system, which also includes the Sync Module and other accessories. It’s 40 percent off right now and down to an all-time low of $60. For a longer battery life, the Outdoor 4 single-cam system can also be bundled with a battery pack that extends the run time from two years to four. That version is $80 after a 33 percent discount. 
Amazon is also discounting its Blink branded doorbells, floodlights and indoor cameras as part of a larger sale. Blanketing a home in Alexa’s watchful eye just got a whole lot cheaper. 
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