Sony’s latest PS5 beta update gives DualSense controllers better audio

The latest beta update for the PlayStation 5 will make it easier to hear what’s going on in your game. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced the software update, which will enable DualSense and DualSense Edge wireless controllers to produce louder audio so that you can hear in-game sounds and audio chats more clearly. 
In addition to giving controllers the ability to produce louder sounds, the update also gives their noise cancellation feature a boost. Sony’s announcement says the controllers now have better mic input, thanks to a new AI machine learning model. It’ll give PS5’s system the ability to suppress background noises, such as the game audio itself, allowing your voice to go through clearly and improving the quality of voice chats as a whole. 
The update brings non-sound-related improvements to the PS5, as well, including the option to adjust the console’s power indicator under “Beep and Light” in System Settings. Plus, it will give you access to Share Screen tools that you can use as a viewer to interact with the host’s gameplay. Want to catch the host’s attention and make them notice a certain element in the game? There’s a pointer you can move around or use to draw a line on the display and highlight objects in game. You’ll also be able to send the host’s screen emoji reactions. These new interactive tools for the Share Screen are enabled by default, but you can always switch them off in settings. Take note that they will only work if both you and the host already have access to the beta features. At the moment, the upgrades are only rolling out to select users in certain countries, but SIE plans to release them to all PS5 gamers around the world in the coming months. This article originally appeared on Engadget at

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