What Do We Mean by Educational Innovation? Innovation

Some pet phrases actually mean the exact opposite of what their words supposedly say.  Take “urban renewal. “ Those old enough to remember the 1960s know that this phrase was a synonym for slum clearance, or, in James Baldwin’s telling phrase, “Negro removal.” The term education innovation is similar. Not simply an empty signifier, with a … Read more

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings won’t air anytime soon, says star Lord of the rings

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings is set to be the most expensive TV show of all-time.  With season 1 of the live-action TV adaptation reportedly costing $465 million, it’s unsurprising that Amazon (and the series’ cast and crew) are taking their time with its production. Lord of the Rings fans are hoping that it won’t … Read more

Crucial Tech Like Email Is Still Failing Trans Employees

When I came out as trans at 49, I knew there were many battles ahead of me. I didn’t expect email would be what made it clear I did not belong. Shortly after transitioning, I took an engineering role at a tech company where I’d worked previously. I was excited to return. On orientation day, … Read more

Rocket startup Gilmour Space raises $46M Series C to take small launch vehicle to orbit

Australian rocket launch startup Gilmour Space Technologies is betting that bigger isn’t always better. The company has developed a small launch vehicle it calls Eris, a 25 meter (82 foot) rocket that can deliver payload of up to 215 kilograms (474 lbs) to sun synchronous orbit. Now, it’s raised a $61 million AUD ($46 million … Read more

Ro buys Kit, a 17-month-old startup that offers at-home health testing

Ro, a direct-to-consumer virtual care company, has scooped up Kit, an at-home diagnostics company with an array of customizable products, from finger prick blood tests to weight measurement tools. The price was undisclosed. Ro co-founder Zachariah Reitano said that he first approached Kit as a potential customer, hoping to integrate its quality testing into its … Read more

Lakes Are Losing Oxygen—and Their Inhabitants Are in Danger

Rose identified a second problem too: Deep water is becoming less clear because of a host of factors including erosion, algal growth, and fertilizer runoff from nearby agricultural fields and residential developments. Murkier waters make plants less likely to survive, which means less photosynthesis and less oxygen down below. And that, of course, is bad … Read more