SpaceX’s first ocean spaceport is being built and will host launches next year

SpaceX is already underway on building its first floating spaceport platform, and the plan is for it to start hosting launches as early as next year. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared those details on the progress of its build for Deimos, one of two converted oil rigs that SpaceX purchased earlier this year in order … Read more

More than 60000 Britons headed to Spain for the bank holiday despite restrictions

SPAIN has seen a massive influx of Britons in the last few days. Despite the restrictions, many have decided to travel to the country for the … and red list destinations, being Spain and Greece the most popular ones. … When is next travel review update green list countries added Greece Spain Italy evg … social … Read more

This new ransomware is targeting unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers ID theft

Cybersecurity researchers have witnessed a never-seen-before strain of Windows ransomware that was able to compromise an unpatched Microsoft Exchange email server and make its way into the networks of a US-based hospitality business. In a detailed post, analysts from Sophos revealed that the ransomware written in the Go programming language calls itself Epsilon Red.  Based … Read more

20 Memorial Day Deals to Spruce Up Your Smart Home

We have roundups of the best smart speakers, Google speakers, soundbars, and smart displays. Sony XB501G Speaker for $100 ($200 off): We’re fans of Google Assistant, and we particularly love this speaker for parties, which we can hopefully start having again soon. It has two drivers and a subwoofer in a small 9-inch cube. It’s … Read more

June makes product analytics more accessible

Meet June, a new startup that wants to make it easier to create analytics dashboards and generate reports even if you’re not a product analytics expert. June is built on top of your Segment data. Like many no-code startups, it uses templates and a graphical interface so that non-technical profiles can start using it. “What … Read more

Windows 10 update brings back everyone’s least favorite pop-up alert laptop fail

Microsoft has pushed out an update that appears to have triggered the return of an infamous Windows 10 pop-up alert. In recent days, Windows 10 users have started receiving a pair of new alerts promoting Microsoft Bing, the company’s search engine. “Microsoft recommends different browser settings. Want to change them?” the pop-ups read. The Bing … Read more