Startup stock trading is the norm Innovation

Conventional startup-land wisdom used to be that entrepreneurs and early shareholders cashing out some of their stock was a sign of disloyalty and would lead to a lack of interest in growing the business. Those beliefs have greatly changed. Why it matters: Secondaries are becoming a normal, and even expected, part of a startup’s life. … Read more

Daily Direct Flights Resume to Greece as Americans Allowed Back

Greece is still allowing non-vaccinated tourists to enter but requires them to bring proof of a … Soon Spain and France will also be joining the list. … For American tourists that want to head to Croatia, direct flights will be available on … social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #travel #tours

Telegram plans launch of video conferencing service Telegram

Telegram will soon be rolling out its own video conferencing service that promises to be just as secure as its encrypted messaging app. In a post on his own personal Telegram channel, the company’s founder Pavel Durov explained how the service aims to improve upon existing video conferencing solutions, saying: “Speaking of video calls, we … Read more

What3Words sends legal threat to a security researcher for sharing an open-source alternative

A U.K. company behind digital addressing system What3Words has sent a legal threat to a security researcher for offering to share an open-source software project with other researchers, which What3Words claims violate its copyright. Aaron Toponce, a systems administrator at XMission, received a letter on Thursday from a law firm representing What3Words, requesting that he … Read more

The Left Hand of Darkness Is a Sci-Fi Classic

Ursula K. Le Guin’s 1969 novel The Left Hand of Darkness is about a planet where the genetically-engineered inhabitants randomly become male or female for a few days each month. Science fiction professor Lisa Yaszek says that the book is one of the genre’s most important explorations of gender. “This stuff was all in the … Read more

NASA wants to use its Mars helicopter to support Perseverance rover

After making history and completing two additional flights, NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter could soon attempt even more ambitious forays into the skies of the Red Planet. On Friday, NASA announced it plans to transition the rotorcraft to an operational role once it completes its remaining test flights. NASA says those flights will involve more precise … Read more