PingPong is a video chat app for product teams working across multiple time zones

From the earliest days of the pandemic, it was no secret that video chat was about to become a very hot space. Over the past several months investors have bankrolled a handful of video startups with specific niches, ranging from always-on office surveillance to platforms that encouraged plenty of mini calls to avoid the need … Read more

Physicists Learn to Superfreeze Antimatter (Hint: Pew Pew!)

It’s not easy. “Hydrogen is just really hard to laser-cool, because of these bloody ultraviolet lasers,” Hangst says. The laser has to be precise at a bunch of different jobs. “You have to really precisely control the frequency so we can do the Doppler shift,” says Takamasa Momose, a chemist at the University of British … Read more

NordVPN maker has expanded its bug bounty program Security Bug

Nord Security, the parent company of NordVPN, has officially launched a bug bounty program for its VPN service as well as for its password manager NordPass and its file encryption service NordLocker. NordVPN first launched its bug bounty program back in December of 2019. However, as Nord Security’s product family has expanded, the company has … Read more

As Compass downsizes its IPO, signs of weakness appear for high-growth companies

On the same day that Deliveroo’s IPO fizzled at the start of trading, Compass announced via a fresh S-1 filing that it will reduce the number of shares in its impending flotation and sell them at a lower price. Taken together, the various market signs could point to a modest to moderate cooling in the … Read more

Specialized’s Turbo Como SL Is a Comfy, Lightweight Cruiser

An electric bicycle’s biggest disadvantage, at least from a bike manufacturer’s perspective, is that most people who buy an ebike are already bikers. A 2018 survey from the National Institute of Transportation and Communities showed that 93 percent of people who buy ebikes own a regular bike. So how do you attract people who don’t … Read more