Trump May Soon Order TikTok’s Sale, as Microsoft Circles

Teens love TikTok, but the Trump administration fears it. Earlier this week, treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin confirmed that the social app was subject to a national security review into whether it could be a conduit for interference by China. Friday, Bloomberg reported that Trump will “sign an order” directing TikTok’s Chinese owner Bytedance to sell … Read more

«Invedriad del Domm» di Sessa: le visioni bibliche di un avvocato poeta in milanese per passione

«La vitta l’è on regall. Gh’em de tegnilla / preziosa d’ora in ora, de dì en dì, / per pareggià vertu a milla, a milla, / de soffegall el maa». La vita è un dono da aver caro d’ora in ora, di giorno in giorno, per coltivare mille virtù, tanto da soffocare il male. Al … Read more

How one moonshot VC approaches investing in the COVID-19 era 

Playground Global CTO Peter Barrett: ‘A dating app looks less appealing than contributing in some way’ Kirsten Korosec Brian Heater 7 hours Take one glance at Playground Global’s portfolio and a theme emerges: The firm’s investments are forward-looking, longer-term plays, a strategy that runs counter to the fast-return ethos that permeates certain Silicon Valley sectors. … Read more

Facebook CEO gets grilled over VPN fiasco null

The chief executives of Amazon, Apple, Alphabet and Facebook recently testified before Congress at a nearly six-hour House Judiciary hearing in which they were questioned as part of an antitrust investigation. When asked about last year’s controversial Onavo VPN app by Representative Hank Johnson, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg played coy and acted as if he knew … Read more

Oral-B iO Series 8 Review: A Grossly Expensive Electric Toothbrush

It’s hard to go back to a regular toothbrush after using an electric one. The vibrations can initially feel like they’re shaking your skull, but once you get used to them, you end up with a better brushing and cleaning experience. But electric brushes run the gamut in terms of features and pricing. Affordable models … Read more

Florida teen accused of being ‘mastermind’ behind celebrity Twitter hack

Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren announced today that he has filed 30 felony charges against a 17-year-old resident of Tampa, Florida, who was described by Warren’s office as “the mastermind of the recent hack of Twitter .” The hack in question occurred earlier this month and involved high-profile Twitter users like Apple, Elon Musk, Joe … Read more