Skygauge’s innovative tilting rotor drones are up for pre-order, with deliveries in 2021

I have had a few occasions to see Skygauge’s drones in-person, primarily on visits to Asia. The Canadian team is involved in HAX’s program and has spent time working out of their Shenzhen offices. In fact, they competed at our last hardware battlefield in the city late last year. To a person, everyone I’ve spoken … Read more

These Android apps only want to steal your Facebook login details Phone malware

Google has removed 25 Android apps from the Google Play Store after it was discovered that they were stealing users’ Facebook credentials. The malicious apps, which were collectively downloaded more than 2.34m times, were all created by the same developer. While the apps appeared to be different from one another, they all shared the same … Read more

Il Romanzo della Strategia Legale per Portare Questa ICO-Backed ‘Micro-Mobilità’ Avvio di CourtInnovation

Salvatore Palella è spesso accreditato come l’uomo che ha portato gli scooter elettrici per l’Italia. Meno noto è il suo tentativo di portare ride-sharing per il blockchain. Nel giugno del 2019, Ministro italiano dei Trasporti Danilo Toninelli concesso un decreto per consentire la micro-mobilità per le imprese di operare in città che hanno deciso di … Read more

7 Best Gaming Controllers (2020): PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch

If you tell teammates on Overwatch that you play with a gamepad, a couple of them will probably quit. There is a huge stigma against using gamepads in online games, particularly on PC. Hardcore gamers cite lack of precision, slow reaction times, and clumsy aim as justification for dumping on gamers who use controllers instead … Read more

Oculus co-founder and games industry vets form Mountaintop Studios

Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell is heading up a new game development house called Mountaintop Studios, joined by colleagues from around the gaming industry. The company aims to leave the crunch and toxic culture pervasive in game studios behind and make one that’s “collaborative, anti-crunch, diverse and inclusive.” The founding team includes Mitchell’s former colleague Mark … Read more

ISPs will reinstate data caps in the US, despite continued lockdown null

ISPs in the US are planning to reinstate broadband data caps after lifting them back in March for customers working from home during the pandemic. The news comes at a time when the coronavirus continues to spread across the country and many employees are still working remotely to avoid potentially contracting the virus.  Back in … Read more

Daily Crunch: Lululemon is acquiring Mirror

Lululemon is paying $500 million to acquire a home fitness startup, India bans TikTok and Amazon Prime Video is the latest streaming service to add a co-viewing experience. Here’s your Daily Crunch for June 30, 2020. 1. Lululemon set to acquire home fitness startup Mirror for $500M The deal comes at a time when home … Read more