Twitch launches an esports directory to cater to growing streaming audience

Twitch is doubling down on esports in this new era of social distancing where a number of traditional sporting events have been cancelled. The company this week introduced a new esports directory on its site that will make it easier for viewers to find live matches, information on players, games with active competition leagues, a … Read more

Tests, Surgical Masks, Hospital Beds, and Ventilators: Add Big Data to the List of Tools to Fight the …BIG Data

Dennis P. Scanlon, PhD, MA; and Mark B. Stephens, MD, MS Big data could help identify potential clues about the immediate (and future) impact of coronavirus disease 2019, but it is in short supply. Am J Manag Care. 2020;26(6):In Press A Tool for the TimesLet’s be very clear. Health care professionals around the world, such … Read more

Sala: «Milano avrà 400 milioni di entrate in meno, ma gli aiuti arriveranno lo stesso»

La proroga degli abbonamenti di Atm per i mesi di mancato utilizzo dei mezzi pubblici e la cancellazione della tassa di occupazione di suolo pubblico e di quella sulla raccolta dei rifiuti per gli esercenti durante il periodo di cessata attività causa emergenza coronavirus. Sono i punti su cui il Comune di Milano sta maggiormente … Read more

The Dire Diplomacy of the Global ‘Race for a Vaccine’

When avian influenza broke out in Indonesia in 2005, American scientists were the first to confirm human cases on the ground. That’s because, years earlier, an outpost of the U.S. Naval Medical Research Center had established a close relationship with Indonesia’s version of the National Institutes of Health. So close, in fact, that their buildings … Read more

Early stage investor The Fund expands beyond NYC with new partners in LA and London

The Fund, an early-stage investment firm with a memorably straightforward name, is looking beyond New York City as it starts investing its second fund. Founders Jenny Fielding (who’s also managing director at Techstars New York) and Scott Hartley (also co-founder and partner at Two Culture Capital) told me that in the past two years, they’ve … Read more