Walmart is piloting a pricier 2-hour ‘Express’ grocery delivery service

Record usage of grocery delivery services amid the COVID-19 pandemic has led to delayed orders, fewer open delivery windows, and an inability to even book a delivery time slot, on occasion. Walmart now hopes to capitalize on the increased demand for speedier delivery with the introduction of a new service that allows consumers to pay … Read more

Fase 2 coronavirus in Lombardia, Fontana firma la nuova ordinanza: resta obbligo di mascherina, via libera alle riaperture decise dal governo

“La nuova ordinanza della Regione Lombardia alla firma del presidente Fontana, in vista del 4 maggio, è sostanzialmente in linea con i provvedimenti indicati dal Governo”. Lo comunica una Nota della Regione Lombardia. A differenza di quanto previsto dal decreto del governo, in Lombardia permane però l’obbligo di coprirsi le vie respiratorie, con mascherina oppure … Read more

Early Remdesivir Data for Covid-19 Is Finally Here

That’s what happened during the Ebola outbreak that left more than 11,000 dead in West Africa in 2014, ’15, and ’16. NIAID researchers planned to test a new drug called ZMapp and add other promising treatments as they became available. Zmapp appeared to prevent Ebola patients from dying, but the trial, which was a collaboration … Read more

Smart home startup raises $11 million to offer a home assistant alternative to Alexa

Directly taking on Google and Amazon generally seems to be an ill-advised strategy for a young startup. It’s even more complicated when you’re competing on the home assistants front, a technically-complex, capital-intensive future platform that both tech giants have dumped substantial sums into. Over the past few years, the small smart home startup has … Read more

‘Microplastic Hot Spots’ Are Tainting Deep-Sea Ecosystems

Similarly, at the bottom of the ocean (the team used samples from up to a kilometer deep), complex topography like underwater valleys will channel ocean currents like rivers, and accelerate them. Here, the water is moving so fast it’s keeping sediment in suspension, just as it would in the middle of a swiftly-flowing river. But … Read more