How you react when your systems fail may define your business

Just around 9:45 a.m. Pacific Time on February 28, 2017, websites like Slack, Business Insider, Quora and other well-known destinations became inaccessible. For millions of people, the internet itself seemed broken. It turned out that Amazon Web Services was having a massive outage involving S3 storage in its Northern Virginia datacenter, a problem that created … Read more

Amazon surprise releases ‘Jack Ryan’ season two a day early

In a move that is surprisingly rare, Amazon Prime has decided to release the new season for one of its flagship shows a few hours early. Season two of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is available now, so fans don’t have to wait until 3AM to binge. If you’re avoiding trick or treating, then it might … Read more

AirPods Pro vs Apple AirPods: is it worth upgrading to the AirPods Pro?

The Apple AirPods Pro are, without a doubt, a culmination of years’ worth of Apple’s work in the true wireless earbuds space. Not only are they exceptionally easy to setup, they’re also far more comfortable and come with tons of new features like noise-cancellation and adaptive EQ.  That being said, they’re also way more expensive … Read more

Perquisizione Regione Lombardia per l’inchiesta sull’ex socio del governatore Fontana

La Guardia di Finanza ha acquisito alcuni documenti negli uffici della Regione Lombardia nell’ambito dell’inchiesta che vede indagato il governatore lombardo Attilio Fontana per abuso d’ufficio per una nomina in un organismo regionale del suo ex socio di studio Luca Marsico. Un’acquisizione di documenti prodromica, tra l’altro, a una richiesta di proroga delle indagini che … Read more

Meme Costumes Are Dead. Long Live the Meme Costume

Today, you’re a horrible goose from Untitled Goose Game, and the internet is laughing with you. Five months from now, if anyone looks at your photos from tonight, all they’ll see is waterfowl. Near-instant obscurity is the fate of many Halloween costumes, but their descent from timely and hilarious to huh? now skids down an … Read more