Netflix Cancelling ‘The OA’ Is a Tragedy

Love it or hate it, the Netflix series The OA is one of the most unusual and daring TV shows in years. Writer Sara Lynn Michener says that much of the show’s originality comes from series co-writer and star Brit Marling. “A lot of content creators—a lot of showrunners—are out there going, ‘OK, what’s the … Read more

Apple still has work to do on privacy

There’s no doubt that Apple’s self-polished reputation for privacy and security has taken a bit of a battering recently. On the security front, Google researchers just disclosed a major flaw in the iPhone, finding a number of malicious websites that could hack into a victim’s device by exploiting a set of previously undisclosed software bugs. … Read more

A new kind of cybercrime uses AI and your voice against youAI & Surroundings

It’s easy enough to forge a signature for fraudulent purposes. However, until recently, some things—like our voices—have been distinctive and difficult to mimic. Not so in our brave new world. A new kind of cybercrime that uses artificial intelligence and voice technology is one of the unfortunate developments of postmodernity. You can’t trust what you … Read more

Score an 8GB SIM only deal for £10 a month with Smarty’s double data offer

Smarty Mobile, a lesser-known company in the world of SIMO contracts is going big with its latest offer, doubling your data and offering one of the best value SIM only deals on the market. To be a little more exact, up until 11.59pm on September 3, you can land yourself 8GB of data for just … Read more

Space Photos of the Week: Tune Into Neptune

Thirty years ago NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft flew past Neptune, completing its epic journey through the outer solar system. The eighth and outermost planet in our neighborhood, Neptune is considered one of the ice giants, along with Uranus. But that name is a misnomer since the planet is actually covered in gas, and whatever ice … Read more

Skype upgrades its messaging feature with drafts, bookmarks and more

Skype is best known for being a video calling app and, to some extent, that’s because its messaging feature set has been a bit underdeveloped. Today, the company is working to change that image with a series of improvements to Skype’s chatting features aimed at further differentiating it from rival apps. One of the most … Read more

La Milano del futuro sarà molto più verde, ecco il nuovo piano di governo del territorio

L’obiettivo è quello di realizzare, di qui ai prossimi dieci anni, una città più verde, la Milano 2030 green ed ecosostenibile. E’ il nuovo Pgt di Milano, il Piano di governo del territorio che detta le norme che, dal punto di vista urbanistico, dovranno essere rispettate a Milano nel corso dei prossimi anni. E nel … Read more

The OnePlus 7T Pro is likely to look a lot like the OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus has some new phones in the offing, and based on some renders that just hit the web, the upcoming OnePlus 7T Pro is going to look very much like the OnePlus 7 Pro that launched in May. The renders come courtesy of @OnLeaks and 91mobiles, sources that can usually be trusted with their phone … Read more