Emi – Come ho forzato Jeff mancare la sua penaltyGoogle Miscellanea

Unai Emery è stato chiesto un numero di argomenti, seguendo il nostro pre-stagione partita Angers nella notte di mercoledì. Il nostro allenatore ha messo in campo domande che circondano il trasferimento di speculazione, quello che piaceva a lui circa il suo lato prestazioni, ex Artigliere Jeff Reine-Adelaide, e Laurent Koscielny. Ecco cosa ha risposto: sul … Read more

Google brings Titan Security Key to the UK

Google has revealed it is bringing its Titan Security Key to a range of new markets, including the UK. The physical key offers increased security for users, providing two-factor authentication (2FA) and will now be coming  The company says that the physical security keys have entirely cut out phishing attacks among Google employees, and wants … Read more

Amazon acquires flash-based cloud storage startup E8 Storage

Amazon has acquired Israeli storage tech startup E8 Storage, as first reported by Reuters, CNBC and Globes and confirmed by TechCrunch. The acquisition will bring the team and technology from E8 in to Amazon’s existing Amazon Web Services center in Tel Aviv, per reports. E8 Storage’s particular focus was on building storage hardware that employs … Read more

Caso Siri, il senatore leghista indagato a Milano per autoriciclaggio

Il senatore leghista Armando Siri risulta indagato a Milano per autoriciclaggio nell’inchiesta dei pm Gaetano Ruta e Sergio Spadaro con al centro la concessione di due mutui ritenuti ‘anomali’ concessi dalla Banca Agricola di San Marino, il primo dei quali utilizzato per l’acquisto di una palazzina a Bresso, nel milanese. Nell’ultimo numero, l’Espresso aveva rivelato … Read more

Whitney Cummings—and Her Sex Robot—Take on Modern Womanhood

I never really understood catcalling until Whitney Cummings explained it in front of a live audience. Rather than waxing snarky about backward oafs who don’t get why harassment is bad, she says she understands the impulse, and launches into a story about seeing a service dog in an airport terminal. One that was wearing a … Read more

You won’t see that $125 from Equifax, so don’t bother claiming it, says FTC

Millions of people have been signing up to receive what they think is a $125 cash reimbursement from Equifax for its criminal mishandling and exposure of their personal and financial data. But the FTC warns that you may see only a small fraction of that, if any, because of the way the $575 million settlement … Read more

Entrepreneurs not threatened by AI and automation

Entrepreneurs in the US face both technological and political disruption that is helping them to prosper and grow while also requiring them to adapt in new ways according to GoDaddy’s new Global Entrepreneurship Survey. The web hosting giant’s survey was conducted by the research firm Savanta and surveyed 4,505 small business owners in Australia, Canada, … Read more

Amazon’s next foray into fashion is a personal shopping service

The service is currently limited to women in a wide range of sizes, including shoes from size 5 to 12. Men’s styles are coming in the near future. You won’t necessarily see all your favorite brands, but that’s not really the point — this is more about providing a helping hand to people who don’t … Read more