Milano, aggredisce due anziani in strada a bastonate, calci e pugni: arrestato

Ha aggredito senza ragione due anziani, sabato pomeriggio, ferendoli gravemente con bastonate, calci e pugni. Solo le telefonate dei passanti e il pronto intervento di vigili e polizia hanno evitato che l’uomo, un 31enne egiziano con precedenti, potesse compiere altre violenze. Nel giro di poco più di un’ora l’uomo è stato arrestato, con l’accusa di … Read more

BMW’s EV concept gets Blade Runner-style sound

BMW Vision M NEXT, the electric vehicle concept that had its world debut June 25, won’t be in showrooms anytime soon, if ever. But let’s hope the sound of the vehicle, which was created by famous film score composer Hans Zimmer and Renzo Vitale, an acoustic engineer and sound designer at the BMW Group, makes … Read more

Best video editing computer 2019: the top PCs for editors and producers

Welcome to our pick of the best video editing computers of 2019. If you’re a video editor or producer, than making sure you have a PC that’s capable of handling large files and editing (and viewing) high-resolution videos is essential. Because of the intensive nature of video editing, you’ll want a PC that come with … Read more

Greed Is to Blame for the Radicalization of YouTube and Facebook

Last week, Reddit quarantined “r/The_Donald,” a pro-Trump message board, after the company determined that the subgroup had encouraged and threatened violence. Likewise, Twitter is signaling that it will flag—but not remove—posts by government officials who violate its rules. As with YouTube’s demonetization (rather than deletion) of anti-gay videos, these are welcome, but insufficient measures. < … Read more

It’s the end of movies as we know them (and I feel fine)

“How Will The Movies Survive The Next Ten Years?” demands the New York Times, in a series of interviews with 24 major Hollywood figures. Good question! I’ve been asking it myself, here, for six years now. Very unlike music, television, books, and home video, the theatrical movie experience has proved remarkably resistant to online disruption… … Read more

Falso Google Maps Annunci Sono Male Reale Alle Imprese…E Altre Piccole Imprese Tech News …

Qui ci sono cinque cose nella tecnologia che è successo la scorsa settimana e come influenzano il vostro business. Non ti mancano? 1 — Milioni di fake Google Maps elenchi male vero e proprio business e i consumatori. Il Wall Street Journal ha riferito questa settimana che Google Maps ha circa 11 milioni di illegittimo … Read more

How to watch Glastonbury Festival 2019 online for free: live stream the event from UK or abroad

With Kylie ready to make Glastonbury 2019 her own, you’ve come to the right article if you weren’t one of the 200,000 people who managed to grab a Glastonbury Festival ticket in the 36 minutes they were on sale. With the entirety of the festival being covered, it is easy to watch Glastonbury Festival online … Read more