The regional gap in AI adoption

To better understand how artificial intelligence (AI) is being adopted differently by nations around the world, we sat down with Virtusa’s Executive Vice President of Global Digital Solutions, Frank Palermo. 1. Is there much disparity between different global regions’ approaches to robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles or, indeed, their policies on these technologies? As … Read more

Tragica rissa all’addio al celibato: muore un 21enne, sette feriti

VILLORBA – Un addio al celibato finisce in tragedia: morto un giovane di 21 anni e feriti altri sette. Si è scatenata una tremenda rissa che ha portato all'omicidio di un giovane moldavo. Il fatto è avvenuto verso le ore 22.15 in via Largo Molino a … by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #thisisnews

Unbiased algorithms can still be problematic

Creating unbiased, accurate algorithms isn’t impossible — it’s just time consuming. “It actually is mathematically possible,” facial recognition startup Kairos CEO Brian Brackeen told me on a panel at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. Algorithms are sets of rules that computers follow in order to solve problems and make decisions about a particular course of action. Whether … Read more

These Stitched Photos of Greenland’s Icebergs Are Sew Great

Icebergs are among the first parts of the natural world to succumb to global warming—and in many cases are the result of global warming, having calved off melting glaciers. But while photographer Adriene Hughes acknowledges the science behind climate change, she thinks that data falls short of communicating the sense of loss we feel in … Read more

Surface Pro and Surface Laptop may only receive simple spec bumps

They would represent considerably better values, at least. Outside of a Core M-based entry level Surface Pro, all of the new machines would use Intel’s quad-core 8th-generation Core processors. Microsoft might not be quite so stingy with memory, either. Although the Core M-based Pro would stick with 4GB of RAM, all other configurations would include … Read more

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max reportedly hit with a charging bug

The brand new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max handsets have only been in customers’ hands for a week, but already a problem has emerged – namely that some models don’t start charging when plugged into the mains if the screen is off when they’re connected. At the moment the issue is only anecdotal, but … Read more