SFGATE: Bleacher Report imagines 30 years of Warriors-Cavs NBA finals: ‘Literally no one is happy about it’

Bleacher Report imagines 30 years of Warriors-Cavs NBA finals: ‘Literally no one is happy about it’ Published on June 01, 2018 at 12:38AM by Alyssa Pereira The home of the Golden State Warriors may continue to revel in seeing their team head to the NBA Finals yet again, but the rest of the world, Bleacher … Read more

Almese, Artur Cacciolari precipita dalla cascata e muore per un video

TORINO – E' precipitato in un torrente mentre girava un video in cui cercava di saltare il torrente della cascata Goja del Pis ad Almese, vicino Torino. [App di Blitzquotidiano, gratis, clicca qui,- Ladyblitz clicca qui –Cronaca Oggi, App on Google … by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #thisisnews

‘GTA: San Andreas’ gets Xbox One backwards compatibility

The San Andreas compatibility is a boon for GTA fans. The story of Carl Johnson trying to save his family is often hailed as one of the best games ever, and it’s one of the highest-selling games of all time. Either the Xbox and Xbox 360 copy will work on your new-fangled console, but Xbox … Read more

I would happily ditch the selfie camera for a full-screen phone

Once a month or so, I’m reminded that my phone has a front-facing camera when I accidentally hit the toggle button, only to be greeted with a closeup image of my own, dumb face. Honestly, I can’t remember the the last time I used the thing — not intentionally, at least. I tried scrolling through … Read more

SoftBank Flips the Venture-Capital Script Again With GM Deal

General Motors, the US’s 10th-largest company by revenue, is eager to lay the groundwork for future growth by developing self-driving technology. But its shareholders are dubious of too much spending as revenue declines—it fell 5.5 percent last year. Japanese conglomerate SoftBank has the opposite problem: A giant pile of cash, and not enough opportunities to … Read more

Acer equips its 2018 PC gaming lineup with AMD hardware

Ahead of the Computex 2018 tech show in Taipei, Taiwan next week, Acer has announced AMD processor and graphics options for its entire, freshly-revealed PC gaming hardware lineup. Starting with its new flagship gaming laptop, the Acer Predator Helios 500, Acer will release this 17.3-inch monster with AMD 2nd generation Ryzen processors up to the … Read more