LG overhauls mobile team

You know things are getting sticky at a company when it’s felt necessary to have a wholesale clearout of executives. That’s the radical action that LG is taking, in response to a series of poor sales figures for its mobile division. In some ways, LG is an interesting company. Often, poor results are predicated on … Read more

Qualcomm alleges that Apple’s iPhone infringes on Palm Pre patents

Shortly after the announcement of the iPhone X in September, my colleague Natasha Lomas noted the similarities between the phone and how WebOS operated on the Palm Pre. She ended her article, noting “in the iPhone X it’s clear you’re looking at a little ghost of the Pre.” It seems that Qualcomm’s legal team was … Read more

Google Assistant will soon help you find local home services

To be clear, this isn’t just to advise users of the best nearby restaurants, which Amazon’s Alexa has been doing for years. The new Google Assistant questionnaire helps find specialists, like plumbers and electricians. In some cities, it will suggest businesses that have been prescreened by Google and companies such as HomeAdvisor and Porch. Otherwise, … Read more

Two Melting Antarctic Glaciers Could Decide the Fate of Our Coastlines

This story originally appeared on Grist and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. In a remote region of Antarctica known as Pine Island Bay, 2,500 miles from the tip of South America, two glaciers hold human civilization hostage. Stretching across a frozen plain more than 150 miles long, these glaciers, named Pine Island and Thwaites, have marched steadily … Read more

Pensioni: via libera alla manovra al Senato, ecco le novità

Novità su #Pensioni, bonus bebè, web tax e tanto altro ancora: il disegno di legge di Bilancio 2018 ha tagliato oggi il suo primo traguardo a Palazzo Madama. L'aula del Senato della Repubblica [VIDEO], con 149 voti a favore e 93 contro, ha approvato la fiducia all'esecutivo nel medesimo giorno in cui il … by Livio … Read more

Deleghe strategiche agli uomini più affidabili

A dieci giorni dal suo insediamento, come anticipato lo scorso 18 novembre, il presidente della Regione Siciliana, Nello Musumeci, ha ufficializzato la composizione del suo Governo. Oggi pomeriggio si terrà la prima riunione di Giunta. Questa la … by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #thisisnews #orecchioacerbo

Blue Apron loses its CEO

Blue Apron founder Matt Salzberg is stepping aside as the company’s CEO, the company announced Thursday. CFO Brad Dickerson has been promoted to take his place. It’s been a volatile past few months for the cooking kit company, which went public in June. Shares closed Thursday at just $2.99. Blue Apron had gone public at $10 … Read more

Google may merge with Nest (again) to better take on Amazon

The race to create the best “connected home” system is in full swing now, especially with new, serious competition from the likes of Amazon.  As such, it’s hard to be surprised by a new report from the Wall Street Journal that Google’s parent company Alphabet is considering merging Google and Nest again. Unfortunately, the sources … Read more

Homeland Security claims DJI drones are spying for China

Part of the memo focuses on targets that the LA ICE office believes to be of interest to DJI. “DJI’s criteria for selecting accounts to target appears to focus on the account holder’s ability to disrupt critical infrastructure,” it said. The memo goes on to say that DJI is particularly interested in infrastructure like railroads … Read more

Here’s what rumored Trump CIA pick Tom Cotton thinks about surveillance, Russia and other issues

As rumors build that the Trump administration plans to boot Rex Tillerson from his post atop the State Department in order to replace him with Mike Pompeo, it’s worth examining who would lead the CIA in Pompeo’s absence. Trump is reportedly considering Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton to replace Pompeo as the head of the CIA … Read more